Power Boxer
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Power Boxer

No intake throttle valve
Increased torque
Reduced consumption
Significant improvement of power
Oil cooler


control of load alteration with variable valve lift
improved cylinder charge with air/fuel mix
more efficient combustion
ideal engine timing during total rpm range
improved temperature management in cylinder head


>> reduced consumption

>> fewer emission

>> more power

Comparison to OEM production


Air and liquid cooled two –cylinder four stroke boxer engine with spur-gear powered dohc and single balancer.

bore x stroke101 mm x 73 mm>> equal
capacity1.170 ccm>> equal
power92 kW (125 PS) at 7.750 rpm>> 107 kW (146 PS) at 8.200 rpm
max. torque125 Nm at 6.500 rpm>> 131 Nm at 6.900 rpm
compression ratio12,5 : 1>> equal
fuel preparation / engine management
electronic manifold injection / digital engine managementBMS-X with electronic throttle>> equal and add-on control unit
emission controllambda-probe-equipped; three-way catalyst, emission standard EU-4>> equal
vehicle performance / consumption
maximum speedmore than 200 km/h>> equal
consumption related to 100 km at 90 km/h4,1 litre>> 3,7 litre
consumption related to 100 km according WMTC4,96 litre>> 4,6 litre
consumption related to 100 km at 120 km/h5,5 litre>> 4,9 litre
fuelunleaded gasoline 95 ROZ>> equal
generatorthree-phase current generator 580 W>> equal
battery12 V / 11,8 Ah, maintenance-free>> equal
powertrain system
clutchwet clutch with anti-hopping performance>> equal
gearboxsix-speed constant-mesh gearbox>> equal
secondary drivecardanic>> equal


BMW R1200 Serial against alpha Racing R1200 VVL